Collaboration VHL and Holbigenetics for unique Combination Packages


In the beginning of 2013, Dr. van Haeringen Laboratorium (VHL) and Holbigenetics NV have initiated a collaboration regarding the Combination Packages. Together with Dr. Frank Coopman (specialist veterinary genetics), two dedicated types of Combination Packages have been developed: CombiGen® and CombiBreed®. At the start, CombiGen® and CombiBreed® packages have been developed for dogs and cats.

Both Combination Packages aim to improve the sustainable breeding and general health of animals. CombiGen® packages are dedicated for veterinarian use, whereas CombiBreed® tests aim to offer a cost effective breed-specific set of markers. Our collaboration is a strong reply to the growing criticism regarding the number of genetic disorders in (pure)bred animals. With our collaboration and joint network, veterinarians and breeders will also have access to objective advice.