CombiGen, combination packages for vets


Recently we launched our website to inform veterinarians about the CombiGen combination packages.

In the beginning of 2013, VHL and Holbigenetics NV have initiated a collaboration regarding the Combination Packages. Together with Dr. Frank Coopman (specialist veterinary genetics) CombiGen® and CombiBreed® Combination Packages have been developed. Exclusively for vets, CombiGen can be ordered through our local specialist distributors.

Both CombiGen and CombiBreed Combination Packages aim to offer a cost effective specific set of markers and aim to improve the sustainable breeding and general health of animals. The collaboration is a strong reply to the growing criticism regarding the number of genetic disorders in (pure)bred animals.

CombiGen offers the best possible combination of several DNA tests at an acceptable price, helping you, the vet, to predict what diseases and conditions an animal may develop as it ages. By finding this out at an early age, a vet can prescribe an appropriate treatment for his animal patients at a very early stage and ensure that they have regular check-ups if necessary, such as heart monitoring. Other animals could follow a carefully planned diet or may be prescribed swimming therapy to prevent stiff joints. A vet who is aware of blood clotting problems can also take appropriate measures during a surgical procedure. It is for the vets to decide how best to manage this information for their patients.

By offering Combination Packages at affordable prices, the threshold is reduced drastically. Veterinarians and breeders can also rely on expert medical, genetic counseling and sales advice from local specialized distributors.

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