New Combination Package Coat Colour Dog!


The Combination Pack Coat Colour Dog - H469 was recently added to our already wide range of services . For only € 55,00 (excl. VAT) we offer a set of DNA tests for coat colours in your dog. Through advanced techniques these package of tests are priced attractively. The cost of the combination package is considerably lower than the individual tests.

Within the large number of coat colour factors three genetic features explain the major differences in coat colours. These are the E-locus, the B-locus and the Dilution Factor (D-locus).

This Combination Package includes the following genetic features in coat colours:
• H733 - Coat Colour B-locus
• H734 - Coat Colour E-locus
• H815 - Coat Colour D-locus
• H818 - Coat Colour Em-locus

More information about coat colours in dogs can be found here: Coat Colours in Dogs. We refer for information about these tests to our webshop

It is easy to perform this Combination Pack by using a swab for your dog. Request here your swabs for the test.