Extensive information and interpretations of coat variation dog, cat and horse


We are pleased to inform you we have added extensive information on coat colours and coat variation!

Coat colours and coat variations are influenced by many hereditary factors. The DNA-tests for the individual variants are based on physiological effects in the body, in which the production and distribution of pigments results in many coat colour variants. In several cases, the coat colour of an animal may only be assessed using DNA-tests. During the last decades, the genetic principles of coat colour and coat variation have been described in a large number of scientific publications. Because of the complex nature of this information, an overview of the genes for coat colour and coat variation factors has been established to enable interpretation. The overview are available for dogs, cats and horses. 

Since 2015, two brands have been developed. CombiGen® is mainly directed at veterinarian applications, whereas CombiBreed® is mainly directed at breeders and/or owners. Consequently, the information about Coat Colour and Coat Variation is presented at

Please refer to the information at the CombiBreed ® website for a detailed explanation of the various coat colours and variations:

Cat; Feline Coat Colour

Dog; Canine Coat Colour

Horse; Equine Coat Colour


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