More DNA tests in dogs for the same price!

Again expansion of CombiBreed packages!
As a new routine, we again further included newly developed tests in our CombiBreed packages. This allows for more useful information on your animal. Our range of DNA tests regularly expands and we continue our policy to combine multiple DNA tests into single packages for a very attractive price.

The tests listed below were recently added to the existing CombiBreed packages.
CombiBreed FCI group 1 (H474)
• H872 Pituitary dwarfism
• H484 CLAD type III
• H801 rcd2 PRA
CombiBreed FCI Group 05 (H478)
• H872 Pituitary dwarfism
CombiBreed FCI Group 07 (H480)
• H768 rcd1 PRA
• H511 rcd4-PRA
CombiBreed FCI Group 08 (H481)
• H749 Centronuclear Myopathy (CNM, also known as HMLR)

We want to contribute to an affordable monitoring for sustainable improvement of the overall health of a dog. For an actual overview of the Combination Packages please refer to the overview of dog tests.

Ordering these CombiBreed packages can easily done online by using our webshop. You can check the status of the sample and you will receive the results of the DNA tests in your account.

You can easily get a sample from your animal by using a swab. Swabs can be ordered free of charge by using the order form for sample material.